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We make conversion faceplates easy.


Q: What are Normal shipping times from when the Item is Ordered to when it ships?

A: Shipping of Black/Stock Colors Is normally 1-3 Business days.
Shipping of Alternate colors is normally 2-6 Business days.
Custom Work can take up to 14 Business days.
Wholesale shipments can take up to 14 Business days.

Shipping speed depends on choices in checkout.

Q: What is a faceplate?

A: A faceplate is the piece in the cluster of a vehicle that physically sits between the needle and the mechanics of the cluster (motors, computers, ect). The faceplate physically displays the numbers and tick-marks, these allow the needles/pointers to tell you what they need to.   

Q: What are your faceplates made out of?

A: Our faceplates are made with polycarbonate. They are meant to be a direct replacement to the polycarbonate face that comes from the factory in most vehicles. Polycarbonate has been used in the majority of vehicles starting in the 80's but some came as early as the 70's with it.

Q: Can the lights be changed?

A: Yes, the lights on most clusters can be changed. However the expense and user ability to change the lights changes depending on the vehicle. Most cars from the 70’s to early 2000’s have a type of bulb that can be pulled out and replaced by just about anyone. Most manufacturers at sometime around 2004 started to change to led’s soldered onto the circuit boards. These soldiered on LEDs are hard to change and are only recommended to have professionally changed. However, if the cluster has white LEDs we can add a layer onto the faceplate and change the color that it lights up that way.

Q: What color will the faceplates light up?

A: Our faceplates are usually tinted similar to OEM. We can make any faceplate in either a non-tint version which will allow any color to come through. Or we can add a layer onto the faceplate and change the color that it lights up that way.

Q: What tools are required for installation?

A: For most installations, a basic tool kit is needed to get the cluster out of the vehicle. Some will require a precision screwdriver and or needle nose pliers.

Q: Do you make them for my vehicle?

A: If you cannot find them on our site we do not yet make them. You can find our form to request new vehicles here: https://www.speedoconversionsolutions.com/pages/vehicle-not-found

Q: Can I use a package forwarding service? 

A: No, orders found to be using a package forwarding service will be canceled.